Caroola Cares

Caroola Cares

Caroola Cares enables our organisation to deliver positive change. Caroola Cares is the platform to help us thrive as individuals and together as one team, giving us a competitive advantage through demonstrating our integrity and developing trust with our clients, employees, suppliers, communities and colleagues. We foster creativity and drive innovation as a core part of who we are.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

At Caroola we believe inclusion is a sense of belonging, connection and community. Being an inclusive company helps our colleagues to feel welcomed, understood and valued, encouraging them to bring their whole self to work and feel empowered. 

From proactive mental health support to Your Flexibility (our flexible working approach) we offer an inclusive workplace and ensure you are fully supported to deliver your best regardless of your ethnicity, gender identity, age or any other personal characteristic. Key to this is our Equality Diversity & Inclusion Team who focus on valuing our differences and support with initiatives to recognise and celebrate our diverse team.


We share a common goal of reducing our impact on the environment creating a positive change internally and externally whilst making our offices sustainable. We encourage our customers, suppliers and colleagues to consider their impact on the environment in everything they do. To name just a few of our initiatives we promote paperless working, reduce emissions through ‘Your Flexibility ‘ and our partnership with a Green CO2 capped car scheme.

Giving Back

We partner with charities chosen by our team on an annual basis, to ensure that we are giving back to the causes most important to us and the communities we are a part of. As a company, we’re very proud of our track record of charitable giving, having donated over £10,000 to the NHS, over £10,000 to children’s charities and the Samaritans. We encourage our employees to join us in giving something back and support them in participating in our charity events. 

This year our charitable efforts are focused on raising money for The Trussell Trust and the various food banks around the UK that they support.


A healthy body and healthy mind go hand-in-hand with a healthy approach to work, which is why we consider the wellbeing of our colleagues to be fundamental. Our dedicated team focus on wellness in the workplace through promoting activity that supports healthy behaviours to improve our colleagues overall wellbeing. We apply a holistic approach to wellness which encompasses psychological, physical and financial initiatives such as mental health first aiders, wellbeing Podcasts and financial advice and guidance.