ID Requirements

ID Requirements

You should not use the same item to confirm both identity and address.

1. Acceptable Means of Confirming Identity

  • Current Passport (must be valid and not expired)
  • Current Full or Provisional UK photo card Driving Licence
  • Current EU National Identity Card
  • Construction Industry – Tax exemption certificate with photograph of holder (forms CIS4, CIS6, SC60)
  • Firearms or shotgun certificate
  • Photo Credit/Debit card issued by a UK/EU bank
  • Disabled Driver’s Pass
  • Identity Card issued by the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland

2. Acceptable Means of Confirming Address

  • Utility bill (e.g. gas, electricity, water, satellite or cable TV or landline phone) within last 3 months) (please note mobile phone bills, online utility bills and utility correspondence are not acceptable)
  • Current UK photo card Driving Licence (Full or provisional only if not already used to confirm identity)
  • Firearms or shotgun certificate
  • Bank/Credit Union/Building Society/Credit Card statement or passbook (within last 3 months)
  • Council tax bill, demand letter or payment book (within last 12 months)
  • Recent mortgage statement from a recognised lender (within last 3 months) (online statements are not acceptable)
  • Current local council rent card or tenancy agreement (private tenancy agreements are. not acceptable)
  • Evidence of entitlement to a state or local authority funded benefit (including Housing benefit and council tax benefit), tax credit, pension, educational or other grant
  • Current Benefit Book (e.g. Pension Book or Benefits Agency original notification letter)
  • Vehicle licence renewal notification (V11) (issued within the last 12 months)
  • Home Insurance certificate or policy (issued within the last 12 months)
  • Motor Insurance certificate or policy (issued within the last 12 months)
  • TV licence or renewal notification (dated within the last 12 months)
  • Electoral roll
  • Credit reference agency
  • Company search
  • Instrument of a court appointment (such as a grant of probate, bankruptcy)
  • Documents issued by HMRC such as PAYE coding notices and statements of account (NB employer issued documents such as P60 or P45 are not acceptable)
  • End of year tax deduction certificate
  • Solicitors letter confirming recent house purchase or land registry confirmation (require proof of previous address as well)