National Apprenticeship
Week 2023

National Apprenticeship Week 2023

One in ten of our employees are actively working on an apprenticeship!

Caroola, a professional services provider based in Warrington, is proud to announce that we have a strong commitment to supporting apprenticeships. As a company, we are delighted to reveal that one in ten of our employees are actively working on an apprenticeship, and approximately 50 new apprentices engage in new schemes every year.

In honor of National Apprenticeship Week 2023, we are pleased to release data that highlights the number of our employees who have committed to apprenticeship schemes alongside their day-to-day roles. At Caroola, we have a strong track record of supporting apprenticeships, having won several awards and ranking 34th in the national league of Top Apprenticeships Employers last year.

We are proud to partner with six UK apprenticeship providers and have recently expanded our scope of apprenticeship schemes, which now include Accountancy, Management, Customer Service, Sales, HR, Payroll, and IT. Currently, we have delivered almost 100 live apprenticeships, with around 95% of our apprentices completing multiple apprenticeships last year. This has allowed them to progress through to higher levels of education and learning, helping them to upskill and evolve within their roles.

At Caroola, we believe in investing in our people's future. All school leavers aged 16-18 and one in five employees aged 21-23 are engaged in an apprenticeship, demonstrating our commitment to supporting our employees' professional development.

We are dedicated to providing a full support structure that allows our apprentices to develop professionally. Karen Pay, Chief People Officer at Caroola, said, “We’re really proud of our apprenticeship offering at Optionis, and have worked hard to expand the range of schemes available to both new starters and our existing employee base.

We are dedicated to supporting our apprentices, providing a full support structure that allows them to really develop professionally.

2022 was a fantastic year for our apprenticeship offering, seeing us onboarding aspiring new talent as well as upskilling our current employees, allowing them to expand their knowledge in different areas of the business.

We have big plans to further grow our apprenticeship scheme and look forward to celebrating another year of success in 2023.”

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