Service Schedule

Schedule of Services

Caroola Accountancy


Caroola Essential | £90 + VAT

Caroola Extra | £135 + VAT

Caroola Expert | £150 + VAT

Caroola Premium | £200 + VAT

Caroola Elite | £245 + VAT

Fees are payable in accordance with the Terms of Business. We require a minimum of 12 monthly fees to be paid within an accounting period in order to prepare the Annual Accounts and Corporation Tax Return for that accounting period. If the company year is extended beyond 12 months, then additional monthly fees are payable in respect of the additional months in the company accounts.

If you require further services, please visit our Additional Fees list.

Your monthly fee encompasses the following Included Services except where stated otherwise, which you or your company may utilise within a given contract period:

Advice & Support

  • Dedicated personal accountant (not included in Caroola Essential).
  • Tax planning meetings, including an 8-month review, via telephone, video or face to face at one of our local offices (not included in Caroola Essential).
  • Unlimited telephone & email support, subject to our normal hours of business from 9am to 5pm five days per week also excluding bank holidays.
  • Access to FreeAgent software to manage your accounts.

Limited Company Set Up

Where required:

  • Formation of a limited company, where appropriate, at Companies House (included in Caroola Premium and Caroola Elite only. An additional fee may apply if you use Caroola Essential, Caroola Extra or Caroola Expert).
  • Registration with HMRC for Corporation Tax.

Assistance with opening a bank account with Metro Bank or Cater Allen, where you elect to use them. Where you choose to open a company account with any other bank, you will need to arrange this with your chosen bank directly.


  • Registration of company PAYE scheme with HMRC IR35 deemed salary calculations if applicable.
  • Preparation of Payroll records for up to 2 employees.
  •  Monthly RTI submissions and End of Tax Year RTI submission for up to 2 employees.
  • Calculation of PAYE payments and filing of any relevant returns with HMRC.
  • Reminders for NI/PAYE liabilities.
  • Provision of monthly payslips via email and the inputting of payslip details into FreeAgent.
  • Review (and adjustment if required) of PAYE Tax Coding Notices for employees.
  • Issue of P60 for each employee.
  • Setting up new starters on payroll and issuing P45’s for leavers.
  • Completion and submission of P11d & P11d(b) with HMRC.
  • Calculation on Class 1A NIC payments where applicable.
  • Excluded is the submission of any returns where references and filing authorisation have not been supplied.

VAT (not included in Caroola Essential)

Where requested:

  • Registration with HMRC of company VAT scheme, including the Flat Rate  Scheme (where applicable).
  • Calculation & advice on VAT payments (where applicable).
  • Submission of VAT Returns with HMRC (where applicable) following your instruction to file.
  • Assistance with any VAT queries from HMRC where our advice has been followed.
  • Excluded is the submission of any returns where the VAT registration number and authorisation code have not been supplied.
  • Excluded is the preparation of returns when Caroola Accountancy has not been provided with all requested information.

Please note that if you are VAT registered and using Caroola Essential, additional fees may apply if a VAT reconciliation is required whilst preparing your annual accounts.

Annual Accounts

  • Preparation of annual accounts, CT600 and calculation of Corporation Tax liability.
  • Submission of annual accounts to HMRC and Companies House. following your instruction to file.
  • Submission of CT600 with HMRC.
  • Excluded is the submission of Accounts or CT600’s, where written approval of these documents has not been received.
  • Excluded is the submission of any returns where the Corporation Tax reference and filing authorisation have not been supplied.
  • Excluded is the preparation of accounts or CT600 returns where Caroola Accountancy has not been provided with all requested information.
  • Providing we have received all the information requested, we will aim to prepare annual accounts within 4 weeks of receiving all the information.

Personal Tax Returns

  • The completion of a Self-Assessment Tax Return for one director subject to information being received by 30th September of the following tax year.
  • Additional fees may apply to this service. Please visit The Personal Tax Return Fees section of our Additional Fees document.
  • Your attention is drawn to the website link above since we may, at our discretion, charge additional fees for this service. This includes but is not limited to further fees in respect of additional pages, directors, spouses or shareholders.

Dealing with Third Parties on your behalf

  • Preparation and submission of the Companies House Confirmation Statement following your annual instruction to file (excludes filing fee and not included in Caroola Essential).
  • Assistance with any general HMRC and Companies House correspondence and queries.
  • Assistance with address changes for the company and directors with HMRC and Companies House.
  • Assistance with Office of National Statistics questionnaires.
  • Advice relating to HMRC enquires, we can also deal with these at our offices, subject to HMRC’s approval. Please note that an additional hourly rate may apply with regards to HMRC investigations.
  • Employment references (confirming dates of employment).

In addition, the Caroola Expert, Caroola Premium and Caroola Elite includes the following:

  • Company Formation with Companies House.
  • IR35 contract review.
  • IR35 combined contract and working practice review for £75 + VAT (included at no additional charge for Caroola Elite clients; the fee is £125 + VAT for all other Packages).

Caroola Premium & Caroola Elite:

  • Access to a Rewards Benefits Package.
  • Bookkeeping service (for up to 50 transactions per month).

Caroola Elite:

  • Bespoke IPSE Package.
  • Using our address as the company’s Registered Office and Service office address.
  • IR35 combined contract and working practice review.

All IR35 contract and working practice reviews are performed by our business partner, Qdos Broker and Underwriting Services Limited (“Qdos”). Additional IR35 services may be provided by Qdos on request and subject to T&Cs.

Non-Trading Service

We provide tailored accountancy services to non-trading companies. These are companies that are not currently trading, but whom, for whatever reason, have chosen to keep their companies open.

This service includes the basic statutory requirements to keep the company compliant, and so is not suitable for an active company. Please speak to your accountant to discuss your requirements.

Please note that the Non-Trading Service is only available if your company has not traded in the entire accounting period. If your company was to trade within the accounting period, then this service is not applicable and full Fees would be required for the entire accounting period.

Customer Promise

At Caroola Accountancy we pride ourselves on our customer service and the details of this can be found on our website.

We reserve the right to amend this promise without prior notification.

Excluded Services

The following services are not included in the accounting packages described above, but may be available at an additional fee:


  • Dealing with HMRC enquires regarding periods and work when we did not act for you, in instances where you have gone against our advice or following the utilisation of tax avoidance schemes.
  • Providing our Services to multiple directors and/or additional fee earners working through the company.
  • The completion of Self-Assessment Tax Returns for additional directors, or related parties.
  • Mortgage, Tenancy and Visa References.
  • Provision of Registered Office service in Caroola Essential, Caroola Extra, Caroola Expert and Caroola Premium.  
  • IR35 contract review in Caroola Essential and Caroola Extra.
  • IR35 combined working practice and contract reviews in Caroola Essential, Caroola Extra, Caroola Expert & Caroola Premium.
  • Company closure and provision of pre-liquidation accounts.
  • Liquidation accounts and disbursements.
  • Payroll for additional (over 2) employees.
  • Expediency accounts (for any accounts needed to be turned around in a short period).
  • Hourly specialist work.
  • Company restorations.
  • Company valuations.
  • Advice & tax planning in respect of property purchases, investments held in the company, disposals, inheritance, trusts, audit, sale of assets, foreign investments, dual residency and regulated advice such as financial planning which is regulated by the FCA.

Please see our website for information on services that are available for an additional fee.  

We may from time to time waive these fees depending on the exact nature of the work. In addition, we reserve the right to change these fees without prior notification.