What we do

Caroola Group is a professional services company that provides services to the agile workforce. We are specialists in managing the tax, umbrella employment and accountancy needs of small businesses and contractors.

What we offer.

As a company, our offerings can be divided into two broad categories:

Umbrella employment under

Contractor accounting under

Both of these companies exist to provide financial management assistance to smaller professional bodies (contractors, freelancers, small businesses, etc.) who might not have the need or means to have full in-house payroll and/or accounting teams. Read on to learn how these services work.

Umbrella payroll

Umbrella employment is a way for self-employed individuals to gain the consistency and employee benefits associated with more traditional employment, while still enjoying the benefits of self-employment.

When a contractor signs up with an Umbrella company, they become legally employed by that company. The umbrella company is then obliged to provide the contractor with the following:

tax returns
employment status

Additionally, there are other benefits associated with Umbrella employment, depending on which Umbrella company the contractor signs up with. At Caroola Group, we pride ourselves on our Umbrella company, Parasol, being the best in the market. This is because we can offer our contractors the greatest assortment of additional benefits.

Contractor accounting services

All businesses, regardless of their size, have accountancy needs. These might include book balancing, understanding and paying relevant taxes, payroll, and overall financial advice. Smaller businesses, like SMEs and independent contractors, will often seek a professional service provider to help them meet their needs – somebody who is of recognised quality and provides premium service without it breaking the bank. That’s where Caroola comes in.

We have been looking after the accounting needs of the agile workforce for over three decades, so we can say with confidence that we know what we’re doing. We hold all major accreditations (including FCSA, AAT and ACCA), meaning we are always operating above board and keeping our clients on the right side of HMRC.

Over 5,000
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since February 2021

Our partner features

Our partnerships enable us to provide our customers with the best contractor accounting and umbrella payroll features in the industry. These features include:

To learn about our other partner features, head over to our partners page.