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We would not be who we are today, or where we are today, without the help of our partners. In our 30+ years in business, we have enjoyed business partnerships with companies in just about every industry, including over 3000 recruitment agencies in partnership with Parasol.

Our partners

Our partnerships enable us to provide our customers with the best contractor accounting and umbrella payroll features in the industry. These features include:

Accounting software
with FreeAgent

FreeAgent enables its users to take control of and streamline all their financial management, from business expenses to income tracking.

Mortgage broker services
with Freelancer Financials and CMME

These mortgage brokering service providers offer Caroola customers competitive rates and provide mortgage guidance tailored to them, making their dream of owning a home a reality.

Income protection
with Freelance Financials and CMME

Our mortgage brokering service providers can also supply our clients with income protection services, so if something unfortunate happens, they can ensure that your mortgage payments will still be made.

Business insurance
with Kingsbridge

Kingsbridge specialise in business insurance for the self-employed workforce, so our clients can rest assured that the policies being offered are tailored to their specific needs.

Pensions and investment planning
with Contractor Wealth and Caroola Financial Planning

Our clients can rest assured that their financial boundaries are being adhered to and their money is working as hard as they do.

Private health care
with AXA Health

We pride ourselves
on the work we do
with our recruitment
agency partners.

By partnering with an umbrella employment company like Parasol, recruitment agencies are able to offer potential new contractors the consistency and security that umbrella employment provides, as well as the additional perks exclusive to contractors employed under Parasol.

Caroola also utilises partnerships to offer our employees benefits to help them thrive at work, including expert training, learning and development opportunities, and exclusive staff perks.

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